LaserCut 3015 1


 The laser machine LASERCUT-3015-1 it is intended for are cutting of wide range of materials
(constructional and stainless steel, aluminium and its alloys, copper alloys) and personifies the best technological
- Direct drive on the basis of linear servomotors of Ruhservomotor Ltd.,
- Fiber lasers of firm the IPG Group,
- Section cutting a table with sliding pallette,
- System of a filtration of air with self-cleaning of cartridges.

Thanks to it’s this machine provides optimum productivity, precision processing,
high quality cutting and profitability of operation.

Laser cutting

лазерная резка
LaserCut 3015-1

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лазерная резка

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specifications LaserCut-3015-1


Maximal travel Х, мм 3050    
Maximal travel Y, мм 1550    
Maximal travel Z, мм 100    
Position accuracy, mm ±0.01    
Readability 0.001    
Maximal velocity X,Y, m/min 60    
Controller type LSMC4    
Controller interface RS232,USB    
Recommended laser power, kW 0.4-1.5    
Maximal thickness of steel/stainless steel, mm 14/7    
Максимальный вес заготовки, кг 500    
Overall dimensions of machine, mm 8000x2500x2200    
Weight of machines kg 4800    
Protect cabin stationary    


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