LaserCut 3015 2

лазерная резка

The laser cutting machine LaserCUT is used for a wide spectrum of technological operations including cutting and
welding of metal sheets, and also for hardening of separate contours of details with constructional
and stainless steel and constructed on the basis of the most advanced innovative decisions both regarding
laser technologies, and regarding co-ordinate and hardware-software systems.
Fibre-optical lasers of firm IRE-POLUS perfectly proved the in systems of industrial weldings and cutting,
and advantages 5-coordinate systems on the basis of a direct drive of firm Ruhservomotor give the
guaranteed reserve on accuracy and dynamic characteristic, providing reliable long-term operation
of the equipment in workshop conditions.

The basic advantages of the machine tool laser are sharp LASERCUT-3015-2:

5- Supporting the technology laser cutting, welding and hardenings of a sheet material.
- Absence of the optical channel for a transmission of energy – laser radiation is transferred per flexible optical fibre directly in a processing zone
- Profitability of technological processes of processing thanks to high EFFICIENCY fiber laser (in 4 times is more economic СО2 than systems);
- High accuracy, repeatability of movings and durability of the machine, high speed of feeding and acceleration because of using a direct drive;
- Telescopic protective cabin for protection agaings radiation- reduction of the occupied area;
- Low working costs on system service as a whole at the expense of high reliability of co-ordinate system and fiber laser, and also absence of requirement in high clearing gases for service of optical paths of the laser.5

Laser cutting

лазерная резка
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specifications LaserCut-3015-2


Maximal travel Х, мм 3050
Maximal travel Y, мм 1550
Maximal travel Z, мм 100
Position accuracy, mm ±0.01
Readability 0.001
Maximal velocity X,Y, m/min 120
Controller type LSMC4
Controller interface RS232,USB
Recommended laser power, kW 0.6-2.0**
Maximal thickness of steel/stainless steel, mm 20/10
Максимальный вес заготовки, кг 800
Overall dimensions of machine, mm 5300x2950x1720
Weight of machines kg 4800
Protect cabin telescope


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