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A main point of "Ruchservomotor" Ltd activity is the direct drive technique. 

The firm "Ruchservomotor" manufacture synchronous linear and rotary motors, torque table, linear stepping motors, planar servomotors, and wide spectrum of multi-coordinate systems based on it. We also design and manufacture the control systems of different configuration according to the customer's request. 

The employees of "Ruchservomotor" Ltd are engaged in development and production of the direct drive systems since 1980 and have significant experience in this area. We release one- and multi-coordinate systems, and special precise system according to customer's requirements.

Our team of the highly skilled developers continuously improves our motors and we really offer for our clients a product's that conform to best world standards.

Key features of "Ruchservomotor" Ltd position system - linear motion is directly reproduced by the electromagnetic transducer without mechanical transmission. Just this determines the reliability and durability of our machines, and also guarantees stable both high accuracy and dynamic characteristics during intensive maintenance. The modular construction and absence of a mechanical transmission allows us to create precision multicoordinate systems, that guarantee moving of object on a trajectory of any complexity with high both dynamic and accuracy. 

The Ruchservomotor JV produces the number of products based on this unique engineering technology:

Our experienced engineers will help You to choose the drive for Your particular task.

Ruchservomotor Ltd
 BY-220019, Montazhnikov 5, Minsk, Republic of Belarus 
tel: +375(17) 254-04-43; Факс: +375(17) 254-04-48 email: info@ruchservomotor.com 


 Tel.: +375 (17) 254 04 43                                Fax   +375 (17) 254 04 48


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